A Robish Percentile

So you finally let your players get a hold on The Robe of Useful Items, now what. Think about it. Do you want to come up with an item each time a player opens a pocket? The following table was built for the sole reason to add some interesting fun into your game. However feel free to fudge or change the tables instance to suit your tastes.

1-2 loaf of bread
3-4 scarf
5-6 vase
7-10 ten foot pole
11-12 rapier
13-15 box of chocolates
16-18 rope
19-20 edible wig
21-23 notebook
23-25 jar of pickles
26-27 knife
28-30 broken blade
31-32 snake
32-33 pocket watch
34-35 torch
36-37 towel
38-39 map
40-41 ink
42-44 indestructible ribbon
45-46 spy glass
47-49 hat
50-51 cross
52-54 jar of honey
55-57 false mustache
58-61 soap
62-64 well cooked meat
65-67 playing cards
68-70 mirror
71-72 messenger bird
73-75 golden cat
76-78 chicken
79-80 gloves
81-82 universal glasses
83-85 a bag of gold
86-88 wilderness survival manual
89-90 severed head
91-92 carbuncle
93-95 mask
96-97 beaver
98-00 a mysterious note

2 comments on “A Robish Percentile”

  1. samolt

    91-92 carbuncle

    By “carbuncle” do you mean gemstone, or an actual boil manifesting on the wearer’s hand?

    Either way is pretty cool.

  2. Buzz

    I do mean the gemstone. However in the chance that players do come into contact with a germophobic demon, and a player does use the robe, and the DM just happens to roll “carbuncle,” I’m sure it would be hard to resist the chance.

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