What we really look like

According to DM Bill, Jayson sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, and Nick sounds like Drew Carey.
He didn’t give Vince a dopplegänger, but Vince did do a pretty good William Shatner voice in this issue, so now all you listeners have a face to put to the voice for Vince as well.

Here is a photocollage that perfectly illustrates what it looks like when the three of us are hanging out.

3 comments on “What we really look like”

  1. Bill

    Awesome immortalized in your serial…Vince sounds kind of like comic book guy from the simpsons alot less dopey going and “As a matter of fact” though.. 🙂

  2. DM Nick

    No coincidence that I live in Aurora, OH (just a few miles away from Cleveland) and attend Kent State U, where Drew attended for a few years (until he got kicked out twice due to bad grades)

    Go figure…


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