Volume 1 Issue 12 – Scrolls From Greyhawk

This week is devoted to the tales of the cleric Thane, and the introduction of a brand new diary from the mysterious Deirdre.

01:59 Thane, shipwrecked

08:06 Deneb

14:53 Thane and Deneb depart

19:56 Deirdre, shipwrecked

DMs Vince, Jayson, and Nick will return next week for an all-new issue of Roll For Initiative.

6 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 12 – Scrolls From Greyhawk”

  1. koga305

    Wow… never would have guessed that Deirdre was an Assassin… or maybe thief… still not sure.

  2. Jayson Elliot

    It’s comments like this that make doing the show worthwhile – thanks!

    It takes a lot of work to put it all together, and we’re always hoping that people are listening and trying to guess what’s going on.

  3. Law

    I really like the story so far. I can’t wait to see where this leads.

  4. Saeblundr

    During the first episode, i had shivers running down my spine 2-3 times throughout, and i crave MORE! fantastic work!

  5. tre manor

    Recently discovered the show and I am becomign a fan. THIS however is some of the most compelling fiction I have experienced in a VERY long time! Thanks for the effort. I can’t wai tto discover the rest!

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