Volume 1 Issue 16 – Lycanthropy

This week we’re talking about all things were-.

Sage Advice addresses armor class in AD&D and OSRIC, and we discuss the Poll of the Week.

Our “Playing Tips” section has been renamed Table Manners, and we talk about problem players at the table, and how to handle them.

The Creature Feature Theater looks at lycanthropy, and finally we have a new installment of Blackstone’s Vault reviewing everyone’s favorite module – S1 Tomb of Horrors.

4 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 16 – Lycanthropy”

  1. Todd Hughes

    I had a PC who was infected by a werewolf once. I told him in private so the other players didn’t know, and during the first full moon I took his charcater and he became an NPC.

  2. DM Bill

    According to the definition “were” means man, or specifically adult male human to answer your question I’d only allow humans to be allowed to be contracted with lycanthropy..other editions of the game only state humans as well……….of course what you do in your games is up to you..


  3. Todd Hughes

    you need to post the stats for the were creatures, especialy the were-sabre

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