Volume 1 Issue 19 – Swords and Stationery

In Sage Advice, we tread on the touchy ground of 1st Edition vs. – well, you know.
Table Manners is about NPC dialogue – do you write it beforehand? Do you act it out, or speak in the third person?
The Creature Feature Theater is a little different in this issue – join us as DM Vince and DM Nick become PC Vince and PC Nick, encountering this week’s creature as DM Jayson sits behind the Dungeon Master’s Screen.
Finally, we talk about handouts in AD&D. Do you use them? What makes a good handout? What are some ways to make them?

10 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 19 – Swords and Stationery”

  1. deathanddrek

    On handouts:

    I hazily recall from my childhood an episode of The Edison Twins wherein a letter or map is aged by soaking in black tea then exposuring to direct sunlight.

    At the end of the episode there’s a scientific explanation of the chemical process involving tannins, ultraviolet light, etc.

    Great episode!

  2. Death Metal Nightmare

    more playing scenario examples in future issues!
    well done!

  3. Face

    I loved the last episode! The switch in the Creature feature was fantastic. I kept thinking I knew what the creatures were, but I couldn’t get it. The new format, along with the addition of the sound effects, made for a great segment. I really appreciated the increased production value and felt it added greatly to my listening enjoyment.

    I really didn’t agree with how DM Nick and DM Vincent decided to continue on with the foray into the cave once they realized they had no provisions. Not a sound decision as far as I’m concerned. Being left hog-tied, shaved, and naked was getting off easy compared to how things could have gone….

    Now as far as props go, I love them, but find that they can take far too long to produce and sometimes the effort isn’t worth it. I like to use them for puzzles and things that it is helpful to have the players manipulate for clues. I believe DM Nick got to play with some puzzle pieces I had for the group at last year’s Origins.

  4. DM Nick

    Yes I did! They were really kewl additions to the game.

    As far as props, they can be time consuming, but it all depend on what you’re making. A map can take a few hours of getting the right look, for example. But something like a magical ring can be as easy as some cheap costume jewelry bought at a yard sale.

  5. Todd Hughes

    Jayson you still haven’t posted the Hill Ginat article.

  6. Nicknack

    Loved the new format of Creature Feature! Great to hear the 1e actual play – it was very engaging as we all tried to figure out what creature the adventurers were up against, and how they deal with the situation. Would love to hear DM Nick and DM Vince take turns refereeing their favorite creatures for this segment as well. Thanks for the great podcast, keep it up guys!

  7. Death Metal Nightmare

    ps – that intro song is AWESOME

    Paul Hardcastle – 19

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