Volume 1 Issue 39 – Water, Water, Everywhere, and d20 to Drink

This week RFI takes to the high seas as we discuss water adventures. The Adherer stuck around from last week to be apart of Creature Feature Theater. And we find a robe for the fashion conscious mage in the Dragon’s Hoard. We have all this and more in this weeks issue of Roll for Initiative.

-Intro 0:00.00
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Sage Advice 13:47.000

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Table Manners – Water Combat 47:26.657

Creature Feature Theatre – The Adherer 1:24:24.768
Fiend Folio page 9

Dragon’s Hoard – Robe of the Archmagi 1:31:38.313
DMG page 152

Outtro 1:40:36.219

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