Volume 1 Issue 47 – Get That Boom Boom Boom Out of Here

Intro 0:00.000

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Todd Hughes’s I’ve Got a Crush on You

I’ve Got a Crush on You

Sage Advice – 12:57.551
Seeking Sage Advice? Contact RFI via our call in line 570-865-4210 or
Via E-mail RFIStaff@gmail.com

Table Manners – Blind Fighting – 26.32.744

Game Mechanics – Jumping – 31:03.241
Dragon Magazine issue 93 pg 21
Wilderness Survival Guide pg 39

Creature Feature Theater – Ettercap – 40.14.929
Fiend Folio pg 35

The Dragon’s Hoard – The Jewels of Attacks  – 47:51.996
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 149

10 Foot Poll / Outro – 54:59.838

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