OSRGAMING.ORG Forums, now open!

Hey, Classic D&D and AD&D friends! Tired of the same old OSR forums? Ten pages of neck beards arguing over To-Hit Vs. AC Tables got you down? Posting up ideas for changes, only to be laughed at and chased away because you only have 100 posts instead of 10000 posts? YES? Then Head on over to OSRgaming.org/ where everyone gets a fresh new start and is on the same level as each other. Good fun chat with a side of gaming.

2 comments on “OSRGAMING.ORG Forums, now open!”

  1. skytwo

    Sounds like it’s there for all the right reasons. Thanks for the link and for all the work on the podcast(s). I’ve been listening to and enjoying them for about a year now, and always look forward to the latest installments.

  2. Bret Wright

    Just started playing 1e AD&D, starting my sons on an adventure. I enjoy the podcasts, and you gus are a great resource.

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