Volume 1 Issue 50 – Don’t Split the Party

Intro- 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 4:16.833
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“What is Dungeons and Dragons” by John Butterfield www.amazon.com/What-Dungeons-Dragons-John-Butterfield/dp/0446322121

Table Manners -Splitting The Party 22:28.952

Creature Feature Theater – Needleman 34:15.427
Fiend Folio pg 67

The Dragon’s Hoard – Crystal Ball 42:20.733
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 141

Outtro- 53:03.829

“Never Split The Party” Lego Video – www.youtube.com/watch?v=waa2ucfgVgQ


1 comment on “Volume 1 Issue 50 – Don’t Split the Party”

  1. DMRob

    The Sage Advice caller asking about “social combat” was interesting. You guys answered well, but did not mention the Encounter Reactions table in DMG and the associated Charisma bonuses/penalties. I use them every time a player interacts with a monster or NPC in the form of a sales pitch, soliloquy, or other attempt to change their minds without a spell. I figure in racial prejudices too, with various modifiers or none depending on what the table in PH says.

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