Volume 1 Issue 52 – The Devil Took My Role

RFI is back and this week and The Devil made us do it, because the topic of this week’s issue is devils. We give advice on setting the mood and how to roleplay a devil. Asmodeus makes an appearance in The Creature Feature Theater. We even show demons some love when we talk about The Wand of Orcus in The Dragon’s Hoard. So sit back and a enjoy this week’s devilish issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro- 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Setting the mood for using Devils – 10:55.660
The Politics of Hell – Dragon Issue 28 pg 2
The Nine Hells Part I – Dragon Issue 75 pg 16
The Nine Hells Part II – Dragon Issue 76 pg 22

Game Mechanics – Roleplaying Devils – 25:51.465

Creature Feature Theater – Asmodeus – 39:07.555
Monster Manual pg 20

The Dragon’s Hoard – Wand of Orcus – 46:09.028
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 162

Outtro- 56:53.928

3 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 52 – The Devil Took My Role”

  1. Xylarthen

    Hey, wondering where the link is for issue 53? I found the podcast in iTunes, but nothing here on the RFI website.

    Anyways, my comment is for issue 53. Regarding the Brazier Commanding Fire Elementals, each elemental has its own respective control device. For Air Elementals, it is the Censer Controlling Air Elementals; for Earth Elementals, it is the Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals, etc. So there is no need to invent a Brazier Commanding Earth, Air or Water Elementals, as they each already have their own device.

    I’m looking forward to the next episode, and the return of Jayson! Although Chrispy has been a great fill-in co-host, It’s been too long since we’ve heard from Jayson.

  2. Producer Matt

    Sometime the gnomes responsible for the website get out of sync with the gnomes doing the audio, so right now there’s not a page for Issue 53 yet. But that’s not stopping us from talking about. You can head over to OSRGaming.org and we already have a two page thread about the Issue 53. osrgaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=301

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