Volume 1 Issue 53 – More Rambo Than Legolas

RFI returns once again to give you your weekly fix of old school gaming goodness. This week, we talk about a class that is one part Legolas and one part Rambo, the Ranger. Our next segment involves segments as we break down the rules for actions in combat. The Pech appears in our Creature Feature Theater and we find a Braizer of Commanding Elementals in the Dragon’s Hoard in this weeks issue of Roll for Initiative.

Intro – 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Playing Rangers – 10:52.689

Game Mechanics – Actions During Combat – 26:42.90
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 71

Creature Feature – The Pech – 42:18.361
Monster Manual 2 pg 99

Dragons Hoard – Brazier of Commanding Elementals – 54:58.862
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 140

The 10 Foot poll / Outro – 1:04:45.144

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