Volume 1 Issue 59 – Farewell to DM Jayson…for now.

Intro – 0:00.000

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Table Manners – “MetaGaming” 21:05.596


Game Mechanics – “Mixing Potions” 34:43.647

Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 119


Creature Feature Theatre – Myconid 41:54.685

Monster Manual 2 pg 94


The Dragon’s Hoard – Ring of Wizardry 1:00:53.382

Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 132


Blackstone’s Vault – The Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun 1:09:12.917


10Ft Pole/Outro – 1:23:19.580

5 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 59 – Farewell to DM Jayson…for now.”

  1. skytwo

    Whew! I’m an issue behind, but it’s good not to have that hanging over me in the meantime.

  2. Angry Monk

    I’m sorry to hear that Jayson is leaving the show. I enjoyed his perspective on playing. Best of luck to you, DM Jayson.

    On another note, have the RFI DM screens been released yet?

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