Volume 2 Issue 60 – Volume 2 Begins…

Intro – 0:00.000

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Sage Advice – 21:21.372
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Table Manners – Appendix 1 – Zero lvl Characters 37:39.311
Greyhawk Adventures pg 117

Game Mechanics – Hall of Heroes 51:10.000
Greyhawk Adventures pg 35

Creature Feature Theater – Cactus Vampire 1:02:49.712
Greyhawk Adventures pg 21

The Dragon’s Hoard – Ring of the Pomarj 1:09:40.000
Greyhawk Adventures pg 73

10 Ft Pole/Outro – 1:18:01.650

1 comment on “Volume 2 Issue 60 – Volume 2 Begins…”

  1. DM Leroy

    Issue 60 was great. Jason will be missed and I look forward to his future “guest appearances.”

    Greyhawk was the best TSR published campaign world by far. Greyhawk had enough detail to breath life into it and still provide ample opportunity for the DM to create his own feel to the world.

    Forgotten Realms was great too but only prior to 2nd Edition (blah).

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