Volume 2 Issues 66 – Thieves

Intro -0:00.000
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Table Manners – Thieves 1:49.984
Player’s Handbook pg 26
Thief-Acrobat – Dragon Magazine issue 69 pg 20
The Well Rounded Thief – Dragon Magazine Issue 104 pg 9
Thief: A Special Look – Dragon Magazine Issue 47 pg 20
Theives Cant – Dragon Issue 66 pg 35

Game Mechanics – Effects of Weather: Heat and Sun (Overheating) – 25:37.784
Effects of Weather: Heat and Sun (Overheating)
Wilderness Survival Guide pg 18

Creature Feature Theater -Xill – 34:55.000
Fiend Folio pg 96

The Dragon’s Hoard – Rope of Entanglement 40:54.455
Dungeon Master’s Gide pg 153

Outro 46:53.561

1 comment on “Volume 2 Issues 66 – Thieves”

  1. Death Metal Nightmare

    the Elven thief could also have motivation in a grand “robin hood” political type campaign (or maybe similar to the Harper’s in FR). maybe they do big heists to fund rebel cells, etc. theres definitely room for elf thief background/roles!

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