Volume 2 Issue 72 – Oriental Adventures

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Sage Advice 36:42.396
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From Tim, “Does AD&D 1E have rules on Exorcisms? and if so, would a cleric be able to use it versus a demon or devil?”

Player’s Handbook pg 48
Bastion’s of Faith

From John, “is there a Necromancer Class for 1E? or do players just have to do the whole Evil cleric control undead to pretend he is playing one?”

White Dwarf Issues 35-36


MegaPowersDude: “Can you tell me about Snow Elves? I remember reading an article about it in dragon a long time ago, and was wondering what the difference was between that and normal elves..”
“In the Frost and the Snow” Dragon Magazine Issue 155 pg 26

Table Manners – Kensai 50:37.005
Oriental Adventures pg 16

Armor of the Far East – Dragon Magazine Issue 31 pg 23
Arrows of the Far East – Dragon Magazine Issue 146 pg 80
A Step Beyond: Shogun – Dragon Magazine Issue 122 pg 18
Oriental Adventures: Class Combinations – Dragon Magazine Issue 289 pg 80
Update Oriental Adventures Eastern Flavor – Dragon Magazine Issue 318 pg 32
Earn Those Heirlooms – Dragon Magazine 151 pg 22
Sou-Swords and Spirit-Slayers Dragon Magazine Issue 198 pg 82
Lords and Legends – Dragon Magazine Issue 123 pg 42

Game Mechanics – Using the “Fate Spell” 1:03:15.219
Oriental Adventures pg65

Creature Feature Theatre – Shan Sao 1:12:55.797
Oriental Adventures pg 127

Dragons Hoard – Minyan 1:19:50.532
Oriental Adventures pg 134

10Foot Pole / Outro – 1:26:37.368
In a fight to the death (or worse to suffer the fate of the Drider), which dark elf would win? The Greyhawk Drow or the Forgotten Realms Drow?

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