Volume 2 Issue 74 – Kenders

Intro – 0:00.000

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DM Will’s Review of Masterwork Maps: Inn & Taverns diehardgamefan.com/2012/02/09/tabletop-review-masterwork-maps-inns-taverns/
Sage Advice – 11:52.774
Palace of the Silver Princess PDF Download wayback.archive-it.org/1213/20090603202421/http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/dx20020121x7

From Angel Doctor:
“I am considering using material from Gary Gygax’s Unearthed Arcana and in particular Illusionist cantrips.
My question is, how many cantrips may be prepared for and cast each day for a first level illusionist or magic-user?  I assume four, but then does that mean that the illusionist may not cast any more spells for the day from her limited set of first level spells?”

From DM Chris:
I have just started up a new campaign, and we are about 5 sessions in, deep underground a great mountain, and the main plot has involved them discovering that people have been disappearing from the underground city, and they’ve tracked it to a Deurgar group who are hewing out a keep deep in the mountain. They have gained a group of henchmen, and are about to assault the fortress. My question to you guys, is how do you make a medium to large scale assault/siege interesting, and present puzzles to make the characters really think, rather than draw their swords and run in?
Thanks for all the awesome casts, keep it up!

Table Manners – Kenders 26:23.03
Dragonlance Adventures pg 51

A Stone’s Throw Away – Dragon Magazine Issue 85 pg 56
All About the Kender – Dragon Magazine Issue 101 pg 10
Game Mechanics – The Law of Consequence 44:46.706
Dragonlance Adventures pg 9

Creature Feature Theater – Thanoi 59:05.785
Dragonlance Adventures pg 78

Dragons Hoard – Scroll of the Stellar Path 1:05:25.067
Dragonlance Adventures pg 91

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Outro 1:13:07.129

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