Volume 2 Issue 77 – Greyhawk Revisited

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Sage Advice – 9:33.122
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RFI talking Props in games – Issue 19 Swords and Stationary – rfipodcast.com/show/2010/06/10/issue-19-swords-and-stationery/
Table Manners – Preparing for a Greyhawk campaign – 46:19.482


GreyHawk History Lesson 101: Mordenkainen

Game Mechanics – The Gods of Greyhawk 1:18:56.067

Creature Feature – Wemic 1:36:17.976
Monster Manual 2 pg 136

The Dragon’s Hoard – Designing Magical Weapons 1:43:01.783

Blades with Personality – Dragon Issue 109 pg 52
Mightier than the Pen – Dragon Issue 46 pg 12
Magic for Beginners – Dragon Issue 149 pg 14

Outro- 1:57:00.135

1 comment on “Volume 2 Issue 77 – Greyhawk Revisited”

  1. Dan

    DM Will, bad call on Rary’s mnemonic enhancer being a useless spell. This spell is a must have for any high level mage. The optionality of having 3 extra magic missile spells makes it one of the best 4th level spells available. (As a thought exercise, have a look at how effective magic missile is for an 18th level mage). I recommend you check out chris107 ‘s campaign journal on DF for how this spell should be used. Chris’ archmage (Talvesh Tvar) always takes Rary’s menmonic enhancer as a spell…Chris has been playing this character for 31 yrs and is one of the most experienced spell chuckers out there.
    Otherwise, great show boys, keep it up!

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