Volume 3 Issue 109 – Paladins

Lawful stupid is not how a paladin is played, as the group sits down and talks about the various ways to play one. This week the guys are joined by Special guest Jim Wampler, Creator of Marvin the Mage!


Intro – 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Paladins 22:05.196

“Good Isn’t Stupid, Paladins & Rangers…” Gary Gygax – Dragon Magazine Issue 38 pg 22 – archive.org/details/DragonMagazine038
“It’s Not Easy Being Good” -Roger E. Moore – Dragon Magazine Issue 51 pg 33 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine051
“Try This For Evil: The Anti-Paladin NPC” – Laking & Mesford – Dragon Magazine Issue39 pg 8 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine039
“New Jobs For Demi-Humans” Gary Gygax – Dragon Magazine Issue 96 pg 8 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine096
“Thou Shalt Play This Way” Robert J. Bezold – Dragon Magazine Issue 51 pg 36 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine051
“Three Faces of Chivalry, The” Len Carpenter – Dragon Magazine Issue 178 pg 10 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine178
“‘Good’ Does Not Mean ‘Boring'” Scott Bennie – Dragon Magazine Issue 148 pg 24 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine148
“Plethora of Paladins, A” Christopher Wood – Dragon Magazine Issue 106 pg 45 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine106

Creature Feature Theater- Ogres 1:21:52.005

“Half-Ogre: Smiting Him Hip and Thigh, The”  Gary Gygax Dragon Magazine Issue 29 pg 12 archive.org/details/DragonMagazine029

“Whole Half-Ogre, The”         Roger E. Moore  Dragon Magazine Issue 73 pg 24   archive.org/details/DragonMagazine073

Treasure Chest – Shield -1, missile attracter – 1:41:49.855
Dungeon Master’s Guide p 165

Outro – 1:46:52.744

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  2. XJ

    The question’s not “What’s a paladin?” But perhaps rather more “What the #@*! is a first level paladin?”

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