Volume 3 Issue 114 – Monsters as Class

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 14:11.989
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Tablemanners – Dungeon Magazine #10 – Monsterquest – 39:03.593

DM Rules – Allowing Monsters as Class -1:09:32.165

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  1. DM Harold

    The main reason we always ridiculed critical hits and misses is that it seems entirely too likely to get one or the other. Let’s take fumbles: no matter what level my character is, 5% of the time my fighter, whose entire purpose in life is to wield a weapon effectively, suddenly becomes one of the Three Stooges and throws his weapon away, slips on a banana, breaks his sword, or attacks his companion by mistake. 1st level or 35th level, there’s no difference: nyuk nyuk nyuk!

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