Volume 3 Issue 116 – Druids

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 23:02.577
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Roman Military Organization – Dragon Magazine Issue 24 pg 12
The Imperial Gods – Dragon Magazine Issue 133 pg 26

Table Manners – Druids 38:13.830
The New Improved Druid – Dragon Magazine Issue 139 pg 50
Cantrips For Druids — Naturally – Dragon Magazine Issue 119 pg 28

DM Rules – Druids and Neutral Alignment 1:05:21.213

Treasure Chest (Matt) – Creeping DOOM! 1:31:59.024
Player’s Handbook pg 63

Blackstone’s Vault – ASE2-3 Anomalous Subsurface Environment – 1:31:59.024

Outro – 1:57:19.141

1 comment on “Volume 3 Issue 116 – Druids”

  1. DM Fiddlehead

    Love the Podcast. I started playing D&D in the early 80’s and quickly moved from the Moldvay Edition to AD&D. Listening to your discussions brings back alot of childhood memories. I’ve played all of the editions through the years, but, none of them capture the magic of the early books. Sadly, I sold mine during my college years. Just a quick comment; in your June 6th podcast you discuss the clerical spell “Create Water” and its use to “drown” an opponent. Unfortunately, the spell description reads, “water cannot be created within a living being.” I’m not a “Rules Lawyer” and appreciate the creative use of spells within game, but sometimes that creativity can be taken too far and the DM, needs to say, No. Keep up the great work.
    DM Fiddlehead

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