Volume 3 Issue 132 – Magic Users Revisited

Intro – 0:00:000
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Sage Advice – 5:44.320
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D&D Cartoon Stats – www.oocities.org/tokyo/flats/1419/dstats.html

Table Manners – Magic Users Revisited – 24:54.722

DM Rules – Spellbooks 43:11.669
“Casting Spells for Cash” – Dragon Magazine Issue 106 pg 14
“Wizard Research Rules” – Dragon Magazine Issue 5 pg 24
“Arcane Lore” -Dragon Magazine

The Treasure Chest 1:28:38.033
Write and Wish Spells

Outro – 1:57:25.542
& Magazine – www.and-mag.com/


2 comments on “Volume 3 Issue 132 – Magic Users Revisited”

  1. Ash

    Great issue this past week on MUs. I have been DMing more than playing lately but it is always good to see Magic Users get some press. On another note…Love to listen while I drink coffee at a local barista. I got many odd looks during the D&D cartoon segment when i shouted in agreement, “Ya bunk Uni!” Uni is the Wesley crusher of D&D.

  2. Elriconan

    I don’t adjust the aging effects. Nigh immortality is an elven racial advantage that is almost never useful except to resist aging, and they deserve the benefit. I never kuch cared about balance anyway.

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