Volume 3 Issue 134 – Record of the Lodoss War

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice  – 6:11.604
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Table Manners – What is Lodoss? – 49:16.377


DM Rules – Running a Lodoss Campaign – 1:08:35.766

3 comments on “Volume 3 Issue 134 – Record of the Lodoss War”

  1. John

    I always thought Deidlit was just an “elf” class, since I’m not exactly sure what edition of D&D they originally used.

  2. Frank

    I always liked that explanation more though. The Basic elves were masters of battle and magic. This usually translates to fighter/magic-user in the Advanced editions. However, given the traditional portrayal of elves in fantasy and the addition of druidic magic, shouldn’t that be the type of magic they naturally lean towards? It always bugged me that Elves couldn’t be druids in 1-2e (when, it seems to me that they would have created the class), so I usually traded the Fighter/Magic-user stereotype with a Ranger/Druid one.

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