Volume 3 Issue 144 – Adding Creep Factor To Your Game

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Table Manner – Big Books of Little Spaces Haunts 16:16.960

Creature Feature Theater – Olive Slime 1:02:00.644
Monster Manual 2 pg 110

Outro – 1:17:08.209

3 comments on “Volume 3 Issue 144 – Adding Creep Factor To Your Game”

  1. Fitz

    Thank you guys so much for the amazing review. You guys really “get” what I was after with this product line – a way to toss some terms into the creative and inspire your muse on many different planes. Glad you had fun playing!

    By the way, there’s a big sale on all Moebius products going on now… May Moebius Madness. So it’s a great time for your listeners to pick up the Big Book and other stuff!

  2. DM Shane

    All I gotta say is THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYS! or alternatively THANK THE GODS! The last little while at work I’ve been doing some incredibly mundane jobs, and thankfully have had my ipod with me, so I burnt thru about 10 episodes in the last few days. Always informative, always good information. Sometimes my head starts going off on a path that you guys talk about, getting some scenarios to use, I loose track of where I am in the podcast and have to rewind and re-listen! Keep up the awesome job on the show!

    Side note: I started out playing Advanced Fighting Fantasy, and AD&D 2e. I have since moved to Basic Fantasy, as I like the ease of use, the simplicity of the game mechanics and the old school feel, but with less subtracting! Ascending AC.

    thanks again and keep up the great work!

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