RFI Podcast Vol 3 Mini Issue 1 – What to expect at games

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Join DM Vince with special guests Erik Tenkar from Tenkar & The Badger Podcast, and DM Glen from Thac0’s hammer as they sit down to talk about Convention Play vs Organized Play vs home play vs G+/Skype play.

3 comments on “RFI Podcast Vol 3 Mini Issue 1 – What to expect at games”

  1. Jeff

    Cool mini issue!
    Strangely, I think I know what sword the 9 year old in Glen’s game was talking about. It was from either/both White Plume Mt. and/or Return to White Plume Mt. I think it went by the name of Blackrazer, acted as a sword of sharpness, and could produce matching daggers. I know, I had a PC in a 3e game who fought a BBG armed with that monster.

  2. Jeff

    I’m sure I’m not the first father to tell his kid (or somebody else’s kid) a character story. 😉

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