Volume 4 Mini Issue 7 – Blurred Lines!

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  1. Raul De La Garza III

    Good show, gentlemen. Vince, your examples playing with young teens certainly were frightening and I grow increasingly concerned about the next generation. That being written, as I reflected upon my own experience both as a former teenager and as a parent of teens I began to consider what might have been a motivator for such behavior: the desire to fit in. To this end, a young person will attempt to do what she or he thinks it will take to feel included in a particular group and much depends, of course, on the types of personalities compose that group. From what I gathered after having listened to your description of the people involved in the experience, I am none too surprised that the teens acted in the manner in which they did. Obviously, the actor is the one primarily responsible for his or her actions and some blame belongs with the parent (and I am here thinking of the father of that 14 year old, in particular), however, we would be irresponsible to neglect the part that the group dynamic might have played in the actions of what is still a *child* who is learning his or her way around social etiquette and expectations. I applaud you for your mature decisions to a) clear it with the father of the 14 year-old before including the child in your game and b) for providing that same father with an ‘after action’ report. I am troubled by his response though and I can understand why you prefer to play the game with adults only. A wise decision it is to avoid mixed age group play especially if the adults in the group would rather not take on the responsibility as both a role model for good play and as surrogate mother or father for the child in order to ensure that proper etiquette is reflected back.

    Oh, and thanks for sticking up for Texas and Texans, Vince!

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