Volume 5 Issue 167 – Vampire Hunter Adventures

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 15:17.766
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DM Rules – Vampire Hunter Style Games – 34:53.127
“Good Evening: Are You Wild About Vampires?…” – Dragon Magazine 30 pg 7
“Hearts of Darkness” – Dragon Magazine 126 pg 16
“Varieties of Vampires” – Dragon Magazine 25 pg 42

3 comments on “Volume 5 Issue 167 – Vampire Hunter Adventures”

  1. Keith Haddad

    Seriously, the DCC use of the Zocchi dice is cool.
    Firstly, you dont need use a d7 instead of d6+1. But the real reason its cool is the idea was to bring wonder to the table like the feeling we had playing D&D for our first time. Remember when you first saw RPG dice? That is the feeling you should get when bringing out Zocchi dice to a group of RPG gamers.

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