Volume 5 Issue 170 – Grimtooth’s Traps

This week, the Roll For Initiative crew delves into the mind of the most devious trap maker of all time, Grimtooth, as we review Grimtooth’s Traps. Goblin’s make an appearance in the Creature Feature as we discuss how they could benefit from heading the advice of Grimtooth. And also, we also dip into the treasure chest and pull out a Magical Bag of Ferrets?!?!?

All of this and David Bowe, the Goblin King, are on this week’s episode of Roll For Initiative.

MST3k Kickstarter – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mst3k/bringbackmst3k

Grimtooth’s Traps – http://www.rpgnow.com/product/94938/Grimtooths-Traps

Magical Bag of Ferrets

XP 500

Value 750 Gold pieces

It appears as a small plain brown bag with a simple rope tie on it. Opening it, a character can pull out a trained ferret twice a day.

The ferret can go retrieve things as best as it can and a character can look through the eyes of the ferret and hear as well, but if the ferret gets attacked while the character is looking, the character will take the damage and the link will be severed. If the ferret dies, you lose that ferret.

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  1. Ian

    Hi. I think it was Vince mentioned a new APP, is there a CSS feed for that? Ian

  2. DM Vincent

    I did say that. Its not up and ready, just yet. We’ve only done the character creations, this weekend we SHOULD be starting the game itself. Once I have that recorded, I will have it up.

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