Volume 5 Special Insert 11 – Star Wars Hol– Kidding..



Welcome to the final show of the year, the show a lot of people asked us to do, well we did it! Sit back and relax as Vince, Nick and Sal chat about the Star Wars West End Game D6 first edition RPG. We also go off on tangents about various Star Wars topics, so sit back, relax and enjoy this show before you go out and see the movie this week!

Links on the Show:

Mini-Six – www.antipaladingames.com/p/mini-six.html

D6 Holocron – www.d6holocron.com

Rancor Pit (Forums) –www.rancorpit.com

Star Wars Fan site – www.theforce.net

Star Wars Site – www.Starwars.com




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