Volume 5 Issue 173 – Pelinore Campaign World

The fab four bring you an interesting show about a campaign world that has been brought up, not once, not twice, but over a dozen times in forums and emails, Imagine Magazine’s Campaign world of Pelinore! Imagine Magazine ran in the UK from the years ’83 to ’85 and it was an excellent magazine and was very much like Dragon Magazine here in the USA. During the run of the magazine, each of the issues had a little focus on this world of Pelinore they created and before you knew it, you had an entire world for you with many details! This world is so large it was very hard to narrow it down in the show so we gave you the high lights of what is awesome and what you can use to mine for your worlds.

Thanks to Kellri from Dragonsfoot, he took all the material and made an awesome document called “The Collected Pelinore”, it was an awesome project on his behalf and everyone should take a moment to thank him for it!

Listen in as we cover Pelinore and read your emails!

Links for this show:

Imagine Magazine Wiki

The Collected Pelinore by Dragonsfoot Forum Member, “Kellri”

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4 comments on “Volume 5 Issue 173 – Pelinore Campaign World”

  1. Kellri

    I’d prefer if you referred to me as Kellri from the Knights & Knaves Alehouse. But you knew that already.

  2. Darth Kjeran

    That’s awesome, Kellri; big kudos and thanks for putting together that compilation!

    DM Vince, thanks for the show! Another great one.

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