Volume 6 Issue 185 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition

This week, RFI opens up the vault and finds a lost episode of Blackstone’s Vault where Blackstone reviews, C2 – The Ghost Tower of Inverness!

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1 comment on “Volume 6 Issue 185 – Blackstone’s Vault Edition”

  1. John Fenton

    Ghost Tower of Inverness, along with White Plume Mountain and Queen of the Demonweb Pits, is one of my all-time favorite AD&D modules! I remember playing it as a one-off back in ’82 or so. I haven’t looked at it in ages and was surprised how listening to Blackstone’s description revived my fading memories. The keys are a good example. Yikes! They’re so integral to the story, but I’d cometely forgot about them. And I certainly agree, Ghost Tower is an archetypal dungeon crawl. Fun stuff!

    Great show, and thanks for (reviving) the memories!

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