Volume 7 Issue 195 – Indomitable Domain of Terlath the Tenebrific

Roll For Initiative is back with a jam packed show. DM Matt does a run down of the historic Gen Con 50, recapping the Gen Con Museum and the some of the retrospective panels among other topics. And then in the main part of the show, review a module by Jeremy Reaban, H5 The Indomitable Domain of Terlath the Tenebrific.

Indomitable Domain of Terlath the Tenebrific – www.rpgnow.com/product/217082/HS5-The-Indomitable-Domain-of-Terlath-the-Tenebrific?affiliate_id=421647

World of Chaldrea – Become A Part of the Picture – worldofchaldea.com/become-a-part-of-the-picture/

A special thanks goes out to Gloryhammer for providing the opening and ending credit themes. You can hear more great music for Gloryhammer at www.gloryhammer.com/

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