Volume 7 Issue 196 – Campaign Beginnings

This week DMs Vince, Matt, & Chrispy are back and discuss the starting new campaigns, covering the initial campaign and PC creation, laying out house rules and more. We then open the treasure chest and find some gauntlets created by none other than the EvilDM himself. And there are just way too many mouths involved in the creature feature, as the Gibbering Mouther makes an appearance. We have all that and Frank L Baum on this week’s issue of Roll For Initiative.

Gauntlet of Dark Forces
Gold Value: 10000gp
XP Value: 5000
Upon placing this item on, the wearer may concentrate (2 Segments for action) and release a dark blast that will hit one target, no to hit roll is needed, only damage dice are rolled. Please see damage rules below for results.
If the damage dice (3d6) fall:
• On all 1’s, the character will take the damage himself (item still useable)
• On all 6’s, the damage will double, and the character is compelled to use this item the very next round again, no matter the situation and will not “pull a punch”.
Each use will expend a charge on this item. Once the charges run out, the item becomes useless, unless recharged.

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