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Desert Fighter

Arisel’s eyes crested the dune. The Palid Caravan marched through the sands below. I’ve caught them in time, good. The lord’s mark felt cold on his chest. Sand shifted. Fools why don’t you see it! Brown cloaked figures emerged from the hills of sand flanking the train. Arisel pulled his short bow from his back

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Tetrahedral: Isles of Akar

For better or for worse, adventures take to the high sees: young warriors for glory, lame peasants for freedom, inspired holy men in their search for their god, or mages who wish to master the skills of water parting.

Tetrahedral: A New World

Tetrahedral’s rotation is centered around the single point where the three lighted planes meet, and its downward perpendicular line. As a result the three lighted sides cycle through the same star patterns, and the darkland’s sky only rotates.

On Flat Surfaces

As we all know, it was once assumed the world was flat. Yes eventually some ancient scientist figured otherwise, but just imagine if the world really was as flat as a scroll. Now imagine a world as such in your game, where the pesky laws of gravity and physics need not apply.

Shadowy Paths #2 Horror of Spider Point

Welcome back for another installment of Shadowy Paths. This time we will be looking at a comparatively darker module then the first. Remember all modules I review are available free from Dragonsfoot. Now let’s dive in to Horror of Spider Point… Time for the fun to begin.