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T-shirt giveaway!

We finally got our t-shirts designed, with our great characters illustrated by Hanae Ko on the front, and a little 1st Edition braggadocio going on at the back. Between now and Sunday May 23rd at noon, anyone who comments on the Facebook wall (original comments only, not the replies) will be in the drawing to

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Frank Frazetta passes away at 82

Frank Frazetta, pioneering fantasy painter, cartoonist and illustrator, has passed away at the age of 82. He was famous for creating the iconic looks of Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and other heroic archetypes. His artwork has graced the covers of rock albums and books, movie posters, magazines and so much more.

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Volume 1 Issue 12 – Scrolls From Greyhawk

This week is devoted to the tales of the cleric Thane, and the introduction of a brand new diary from the mysterious Deirdre. 01:59 Thane, shipwrecked 08:06 Deneb 14:53 Thane and Deneb depart 19:56 Deirdre, shipwrecked DMs Vince, Jayson, and Nick will return next week for an all-new issue of Roll For Initiative. Play

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Our feature this week is about poison in AD&D. Sparked by this post on Dragonsfoot, we went back to Dragon magazine #81 for a read of Chris Landsea’s article, “Taking the sting out of poison: Another view on how to use toxic cocktails.” Unsurprisingly, Vince & Nick split with Jayson on readings of the article

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Volume 1 Issue 11 – Girdles & Golems

In this issue, we talk about: Poison in AD&D – too complicated, or too simple? Playing Tips – Interrogation; not with a Paladin around? The Dragon’s Hoard – Girdle of Femininity / Masculinity Creature Feature Theater – Golems! The Library – Dungeons & Dorks Blackstone’s Vault – U3 The Final Enemy Play in new

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The Library: Quag Keep

The book in our library this week is Quag Keep, the first novel ever written in a Dungeons & Dragons setting. I stated that this book was out of print, and quickly learned from a listener possessing the Power of Google that there is, in fact, a current printing available: Quag Keep on Amazon