List: animals affected by Ring of Animal Friendship

Alrighty folks! Here’s the list I promised back in Issue 22, when talking about the Ring of Animal Friendship. Enjoy! Animals affected by Ring of Animal Friendship Monster Manual Ant, Giant Axe Beak Beetle, Giant (boring) Boar, Giant Warthog Camel, Wild Crocodile, normal Giant Eagle, Giant Herd Animal Horse (all) Hippopotamus Hyena, Common Giant Irish

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Primed and Ready

Primed and Ready  Once many moons ago, in a campaign I was running the players found a cubic gate.   Now this curious little device has 6 sides and each side is a gate to another plane, with the stipulation one of those sides will be the prime material plane.  I made myself a little chart

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Making dragons…DRAGONS!

Do dragons need a fighting chance? Some of you may scoff at the very idea. Dragons are supposed to be the biggest and baddest monster one would come across in AD&D. But let’s take a look at what we have for dragons in the Monster Manual. -Dragons do have good hit dice, or so it

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The Thrill of the Hunt

Playing the Hunter Class There are many classes in the player’s handbook that represents a good majority of different adventuring stereotypes, however there are others not presented. Normally for these other ways of life we just take the pre-existing classes and bend them or accommodate them to fit that particular niche, which is fine in

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Go With the Flow Gaming

Recently, while bouncing around on various rpg message boards, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of attention and time spent on minute details of games. For instance, someone wanted to know the size of a goblins middle finger in order for the GM to make a difficulty check for the ranger of this player, to see if he saw the gesture from across the bar.

On Flat Surfaces

As we all know, it was once assumed the world was flat. Yes eventually some ancient scientist figured otherwise, but just imagine if the world really was as flat as a scroll. Now imagine a world as such in your game, where the pesky laws of gravity and physics need not apply.

T-shirt giveaway!

We finally got our t-shirts designed, with our great characters illustrated by Hanae Ko on the front, and a little 1st Edition braggadocio going on at the back. Between now and Sunday May 23rd at noon, anyone who comments on the Facebook wall (original comments only, not the replies) will be in the drawing to

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Who am I?

Character Backgrounds Hello dear reader, this week instead of spending time telling you simply what I think, I want to present to you something I use in my own games. While some players show up at the gaming table with a 10 page back story, to some players coming up with a background for a

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Living Large

Playing as the half-ogre race Intro The core races within the 1st edition handbook are definitely interesting to say the least, one race stands out however and that is the race of the half-orc, why is that? …It’s not completely human or demi-human is the reason! And that is something that makes it unique, delving into

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