Obscure Dungeons & Dragon Games

The fantasy tabletop game that has captured imaginations since 1974 has not only done so through its original medium but through a whole specter of entertainment-methods, including a cartoon TV series, a movie, and numerous video games. It might be heresy for any true D&D fanatic to admit that they’ve come across the universe in

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Gen Con 51 Special Insert 2 – MetaArcade’s Cthulhu Chronicles

Here’s another interview from Gen Con 51, where DM Matt sat down with Sam Riordan, of MetaArcade, and discuss their newest release, Cthulhu Chronicles. We delve into what it takes to bring the Call of Cthulhu RPG experience to the mobile platforms and lesson learned from their first release Tunnels & Trolls Adventures. MetaArcade -https://www.metaarcade.com/

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