Volume 1 Issue 29 – Crossovers

This week we welcome Michael and Colin from the Dead Games Society. More plans are made for our old-school gaming convention Low Tech Con, and we talk about crossover games. Get some Gamma World in your AD&D! How about sending your paladin to Boot Hill? media.blubrry.com/rfipodcast/p/archive.org/download/RollForInitiativeVol1/RFI029.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts |

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Volume 1 Issue 28 – Cleric!

Klerikos, clericus, clerk, clergy, cleric… it’s one of the most storied words in the Romance languages, and one of the most versatile classes in AD&D. We examine clerics, from their roles in an adventuring party to the rationale (or irrationality, depending on your viewpoint) of prohibitions on edged weapons. Also this week, a classic Monster

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