The end of an Era, Thanks for all the fish! RFI is ending.

It comes with heavy heart to have to say, all good things come to an end and after 10 years of podcasting, RFI is closing its doors for good. We'd like to thank all our fans and supporters over the years. We appreciate and love you all from the bottom ...

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RFI Podcast -Volume 10 Issue 220 - Non-Weapon Proficienies

RFI is back this week, with DM Nick and DM Matt delving in to a late addition to 1st Edition. We talk their origins, usages, and how they were a reflection of gaming at the time and more in this week issue of Roll For Initiative. Follow us on Twitter • The ...

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RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 219 - Racial Level Limits and Table Rules

RFI Podcast is back for another episode, join Vince, Matt and Nick as they talk about the racial level limits in the PHB, Unearthed Arcana and the history behind it. Then they finish up the show with talking about respecting the rules at the table, and the Dungeon Master who ...

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RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 218 - Creation of Magical Items

RFI is live again with another show, as this week Vince, Matt and Nick flip to P116 of the Dungeon Master's guide and talk about creating magical items, potions, scrolls and other things. They go over what's needed and then speak about how they handle it in their campaigns. They ...

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RFI Podcast Volume 10 Issue 217 - Greyhawk Primer

Welcome back to the RFI Podcast, where we are kicking off our 10 years on the air celebration with a setting primer, Greyhawk! Listen in as the boys talk about what you need to play Greyhawk, things you should read if you want to really dive into it and sound ...

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On Flat Surfaces

As we all know, it was once assumed the world was flat. Yes eventually some ancient scientist figured otherwise, but just imagine if the world really was as flat as a scroll. Now imagine a world as such in your game, where the pesky laws of gravity and physics need not apply.

T-shirt giveaway!

We finally got our t-shirts designed, with our great characters illustrated by Hanae Ko on the front, and a little 1st Edition braggadocio going on at the back. Between now and Sunday May 23rd at noon, anyone who comments on the Facebook wall (original comments only, not the replies) will be in the drawing to

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Who am I?

Character Backgrounds Hello dear reader, this week instead of spending time telling you simply what I think, I want to present to you something I use in my own games. While some players show up at the gaming table with a 10 page back story, to some players coming up with a background for a

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Living Large

Playing as the half-ogre race Intro The core races within the 1st edition handbook are definitely interesting to say the least, one race stands out however and that is the race of the half-orc, why is that? …It’s not completely human or demi-human is the reason! And that is something that makes it unique, delving into

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Frank Frazetta passes away at 82

Frank Frazetta, pioneering fantasy painter, cartoonist and illustrator, has passed away at the age of 82. He was famous for creating the iconic looks of Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and other heroic archetypes. His artwork has graced the covers of rock albums and books, movie posters, magazines and so much more.

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Ecology of the Dracolisk

Ecology of the Dracolisk Taken from the tome Book of the Great Reptiles as written by Martel Dundan Sage of Markainus. One of the most dangerous of reptiles that may be encountered, the dracolisk is a potent foe against any living being. The following is a gathering of knowledge both from personal experience as well

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Shadowy Paths #2 Horror of Spider Point

Welcome back for another installment of Shadowy Paths. This time we will be looking at a comparatively darker module then the first. Remember all modules I review are available free from Dragonsfoot. Now let’s dive in to Horror of Spider Point… Time for the fun to begin.