RFI Podcast -Volume 10 Issue 221 - The Lost Episode

  Welcome to the lost episode of the RFI Podcast. Join Vince, Matt, Nick and Will as they talking about gaming, and then open up the mailbag to answer AD&D 1e questions from the community. Note this show was from close to 10 years ago, so the quality is skype quality, ...

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The Complete Course of Online Gaming

The Complete Course of Online Gaming Every one of us has played a certain video game at some point in our lives, otherwise, you will not be here. If you are interested in the excitement that games have to offer then you are interested in learning a little bit more about ...

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Obscure Dungeons & Dragon Games

The fantasy tabletop game that has captured imaginations since 1974 has not only done so through its original medium but through a whole specter of entertainment-methods, including a cartoon TV series, a movie, and numerous video games. It might be heresy for any true D&D fanatic to admit that they’ve ...

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The end of an Era, Thanks for all the fish! RFI is ending.

It comes with heavy heart to have to say, all good things come to an end and after 10 years of podcasting, RFI is closing its doors for good. We'd like to thank all our fans and supporters over the years. We appreciate and love you all from the bottom ...

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RFI Podcast -Volume 10 Issue 220 - Non-Weapon Proficienies

RFI is back this week, with DM Nick and DM Matt delving in to a late addition to 1st Edition. We talk their origins, usages, and how they were a reflection of gaming at the time and more in this week issue of Roll For Initiative. Follow us on Twitter • The ...

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The Library: Quag Keep

The book in our library this week is Quag Keep, the first novel ever written in a Dungeons & Dragons setting. I stated that this book was out of print, and quickly learned from a listener possessing the Power of Google that there is, in fact, a current printing available: Quag Keep on Amazon

Re-binding your books

We’re not collectors, we’re players – but that means our TSR books end up with wear and tear, and can even lose their binding. If you’re pulling out dusty tomes that saw a lot of action in your teenage years, there’s a fair chance that they’re not in mint condition. While there are plenty of

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Volume 1 Issue 3 – Bringing Your Old Game Books Back to Life

Week number 3 talks about re-binding your old hardcover books, and features a mysterious scroll delivered from the world of Greyhawk… This week’s chapters: Re-binding your books Letters From Greyhawk: Thane’s Tale Creature Feature Theater: The Beholder Playing Tips: Alignment The Dragon’s Hoard: Glowing Globe Sticker’s Spotlight: Keeping Track of… The Library: Quag Keep

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