The Grievances Podcast




Welcome to the all new sub show for super fans of the RFI Podcast! This show will be exclusive to Patreon fans as a thank you for donating to the network at the $1 level and can be heard a few times a month depending on when they can be produced. This show will be anywhere from 20 minutes long to hours long, it all depends on the topics of the show, which is drive by you the listeners!

How you say?


Each show we take a topic and explore that topic from the DM’s point of view and air our the “grievances” about how we believe it should go down and what MOST DM’s think.

Will it be a bitchfest? Sure

Will it be funny? We think so.

Don’t like it? We don’t care.

The hosts of the show will normally be Vince and Sal, but could change up to include guests once in a while, it all depends on who is around and what the topic at hand will be!


GREAT! Head over to and sign up at the $1 level and look for the very first show, which has already been out now for while now.

Questions? Check out our contact page!