Join DM Vincent and DM Nick, as they kick it back to the ’80s and explore the world of old school gaming, with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons First Edition. Join them each week as they dive in the system that everyone loved to play.

Episode 1 to 59
Hosts: Vince, Jayson, and Nick

Episode 60+
Hosts: Vince, Nick and various guests.

Note: DM Jayson left the show, and you can hear his reasoning in issue # 59.

2 comments on “About”

  1. Nick C (aka: blackstone)

    Listened to episode 2 today:

    very good stuff! :bigthumbsup:

    The Automanton! Wow! How did I forget that creature? I even have the Dragon Mag it’s in. 8)

    Unarmed Combat! The bane of all players! No wonder we avoided like the plague in those days. 🙄

    BTW, the artists for the Dragonsfire box/poster looks like the work of Larry Elmore. I almost sure of it. :bigthumbsup:

    Again, thanks for all of the great work! Keep it up!

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