Volume 1 Issue 2 – Where to find 1st edition AD&D books

Week number two has our first interview, a discussion about where to find the books we all need, and it’s our first show as a member of the D20 radio network!

Show notes for this episode:
Where to find 1st edition AD&D books
Creature Feature: The Automaton
Game Mechanics: V,S,M: All about Magic-User spells
The Dragon’s Hoard: The Robe of Useful Items
Stickler’s Spotlight: Unarmed combat
Interview: Dragonfire creator Erik Brynjolfsson

7 comments on “Volume 1 Issue 2 – Where to find 1st edition AD&D books”

  1. THAC0

    Hi again gents,
    One of several things I like about your show is the difference in approach to gaming you both have – one of you is crunchy, the other not so much – a very nice variety. Finding this cast was inspiration enough for me to replace my 1st ed. AD&D books I lost long ago. I hopped on Ebay the other night and now have a DM Guide and Players handbook on the way. I have a sneaky suspicion my wife ordered a monster manual for me.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  2. DM Vincent

    Wow. Cool. I love hearing about things like this… Glad to see we are inspiring people to get the books back, and start playing. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

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  4. Sogboj

    I believe you mentioned in a later podcast how much you both liked the Manual of the Planes. I recently purchased it and it is a great addition. I can’t wait until my players get high enough level to adventure in some of the planes.

    I was wondering if the Dungeoneers Survival Guide is 1E and if so what you think of it?

  5. DM Jayson

    Sogboj – yes, the Dungoneers Survival Guide is 1E. I think it’s a GREAT book. There are a lot of things in there that I’ve never used in game yet, but fully expect to at some point.

    The DSG goes into a lot of situations and details that come up in underground adventuring, but which prior to its release had to be house ruled or looked up in obscure Dragon articles. It’s also just a great read. I highly recommend it.

  6. Peter

    I got all my books at Toys ‘R’ Us. I kept them all (except the PHB which I lent to my sister and never got back).

  7. mwruger

    Just one quibble as I make my way through your old shows. On the subject of Mages blowing a roll to know a spell, In the player’s handbook under intelligence it says that for any change in intelligence, high or lower, that the mage must re-roll for his spells. I think this implies he could re-roll blown spells.

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