Volume 1 Special Insert 3 – Larry Elmore

For our first recording of the new year, we bring you a special interview with Larry Elmore.


Larry Elmore Interview
Larry Elmore’s Website – larryelmore.com/
Smirth – Dragon Issue 55 Page 74
Donato  Giancola  – www.donatoart.com/index.html
Defenders of the Realms

4 comments on “Volume 1 Special Insert 3 – Larry Elmore”

  1. Death Metal Nightmare

    super awesome stuff. rad dude. down to earth. great and really important comments about skilled technique/craftsmanship to make art have an identity. thanks for the interview!

  2. Red

    Great episode guys, I loved listening to Larry’s wonderful stories of the early days at TSR.

  3. R Flowers

    Thanks for the great interview with Larry Elmore. I remember a few years back some friends described him as constantly hunched over his drawing board, working and smoking. He doesn’t say anything about the smoking, but it does sound like his life is all work (or at least was in the TSR days). What a prolific talent.

  4. Alan Hume

    Great interview

    oh, by the way, my email has been hacked so please ignore any viagra adverts sent your way

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