Volume 1 Issue 41 – Age Ain’t Nothing But a Die Roll

RFI brings in this new year, a little older and wiser, discussing the effects of aging in the game. We then lose ourselves in conversation about being lost in the woods and we are joined by an old friend, Mr. Blackstone and a new friend from the Prestidigitator’s Council. All of this and some GenCon talk takes place in this week’s issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro 0.00.000
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Sage Advice – 11:20.000

Prestidigitator’s Council Volume 1 – 21:58.820

Table Manners – Getting Lost 31:14.379
DMG pg 13

Stickler’s Spotlight – Getting lost in the woods. 43:25.918

Blackstone’s Vault – S4 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks 56:41.608

Outtro 1:08:53.367
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