Volume 1 Issue 42 – So Long and Thanks for the Peryton

This week the RFI staff brings you the answer to the life, the universe and everything. Okay, well actually they bring you the answer to Unseen Servants, Surpise and Perytons but that’s close enough. Also hitchhiking his way to this issue is Arlock the Wizard bringing us another Prestidigitator’s Council. So go grab your towel and listen to this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro– 0:00.00
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Table Manners – Unseen Servant 13:51.608
Players Handbook pg 69

Playing Tips – Surprise! 24:42.435
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 61-62

Creature Feature Theatre – Peryton 40:56.484
Monster Manual pg 78
“The Ecology of the Peryton” – Dragon Magazine Issue 82 pg 10

Prestidigitator’s Council Vol 2 51:44.110
Poll of the Week / Outro – 1:00:33.067

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