Apr 13, 2010

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Volume 1 Issue 13 – Ampersands & Alliteration

This week we welcome special guest Jeff Grubb!

Jeff started at TSR in 1982, where he contributed to the Monster Manual II and Unearthed Arcana, and wrote The Manual of the Planes.

Within the D&D universe, Jeff is also known for helping to create both the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms worlds.

In this issue:
0:00:00 Chapter 1 – Intro
0:02:16 Chapter 2 – Welcome, Jeff Grubb
0:32:11 Chapter 3 – Sage Advice
1:09:41 Chapter 4 – Feature: PC death
1:26:30 Chapter 5 – Creature Feature Theater: The Lich & the Demi-Lich
1:43:11 Chapter 6 – Outro & end-notes
1:44:51 Chapter 7 – RFI edits Wikipedia
1:47:02 Chapter 8 – Where to get more Jeff Grubb
  1. Death Metal Nightmare says:

    sick episode and i didnt even start listening yet! great guest!

  2. Great show guys. Great topics, awesome guest. My favorite show yet.

  3. Andrew Jackson says:

    Great show as always (with a couple of caveats). Listening to this show has got me back in to old school. All I had left of my old collection was a few modules (Temple of Elemental Evil, Desert of Desolation and Scourge of the Slavelords. Oh and I6) so I have recently bought copies of the 1st edition books again.

    I will say though that I do play 4th edition and it is a great game. Different yes bad.. imo No.

    My Caveat for this show is that Nick (and before I say this let me make clear I think all the hosts are great) but Nick dude when you start to say something have an end goal or a point. ;O)

    Many times on this podcast I think you thought you were going somewhere and then after some rambling it just tailed off to nothing. I think you were just star struck.

    Again let me say it was only a minor problem all the hosts are great.

  4. thanks for all the comments…

  5. It’s pretty obvious the artist got the head design from ID softwares DOOM cacodemon………


  6. I call it Sa-who-agin it’s spelled Sahuagin I believe Nick is correct others pronounce it Sa-hwuah-gin this is also widely accepted………..Sa-ha-gwin doesn’t make sense where’s the w sound coming from at the end and the u in the middle? it’s not spelled that way..that’s like Lich some people pronuonce it L-itch(this is the way I pronounce it), or Leech, or even Leash..If the phonetics make it pronouncable one way or another fine, but if it breaks the phonetics and spelling out the window…..

  7. Hey Bill.

    On pronunciation, I’m going to go with Jeff’s way, since he’s got seniority 🙂

    “Lich” is pretty straightforward, just go to Dictionary.com and click the sound icon to hear the pronunciation: dictionary.reference.com/browse/lich

  8. I agree with Andrew… Nick sometimes goes way out there and you don’t know where he’s going or what his points are, or that where he’s going is essentially rehash of what someone else said….

  9. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sahuagin

    Apparently three understood ways of pronouncing it…Sa-hoo-ah-gin is mine.. 🙂

    I’ve always pronounced Lich as Litch too..I’m just saying there are others…

  10. Sorry, guys. 🙁 I don’t mean to ramble. Even my my wife says I ramble at times, so it’s nothing new. 😉 My first time doing something like this, so there’s a learning curve. Thanks for the input.

  11. It was wonderful to hear Jeff on the podcast and his insights into the early game; on this latest podcast, issue 17, someone commented about having Jeff back on. I think that would be great, especially if listeners could write in questions in advance for Jeff to answer (you could pick only a few). Myself, I’d like to ask him about the Experience Point/Level Progression Table for the Barbarian character class in the Unearthed Arcana (one of my players has a 4th level Barbarian PC, and he’s a friggin’ TANK, along with his special skills).
    I know Rob Kuntz is still very active in the scene, through Oerth Journal and his own publishing projects. It’d be great to hear his memories of gaming with Gary, Dave and others!


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