This is an ever growing page that will be full of questions that fans often ask this show. Its never complete and always being updated as new questions roll into our inbox and on the forums. (Last updated 08/2014)



Q: What happened to DM Jayson, and can we get him back?

A: DM Jayson has moved on to work on other projects in his life, such as Gygax Magazine. He has come back as a guest for Issue 100 and a few special inserts in Volume 3.

Q: Why did DM Will leave the show? Will he be back?

A: DM Will left the show because of creative differences at the end of his time on the podcast, his contract ended so he decided to not renew. The split was friendly and we wished him all the best of luck in his future endeavors!

Q: What happened to the Enhanced edition of the podcast feed?

A: We decided to ditch it in 2013, as it was something that Apple started and decided to drop the ball on. It was a great idea, its just that it stopped working for most people with the Podcast apps on the phones. Also it made Matt’s job even harder to produce, delaying the shows.

Q: What is OSRIC and why not include that in your podcast?

A: OSRIC was written by the Knights and Knaves Alehouse as a “clone” to the first edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons rules, under the OGL D20 Gaming License. OSRIC mimics the first edition rules, and tries to clear up a lot of things that had been open ended and left to questions. Quite a bit of house rules and standard rules are re-written in the game to help it make sense to the newer edition gamers. Its purpose was to help introduce the game to new gamers and get copies of the game in the hands of people who had trouble buying books. While we do think OSRIC is a great resource, this podcast is about the book as originally written.

Q: Why do you guys not show lots of love for OSRIC?

A: We do in fact like OSRIC, but this is an AD&D 1E podcast, and our love is for the game as it was originally written. We recommend OSRIC to new players who are unsure about if they will like AD&D 1E to try it out, and once they have, get the AD&D books afterwards.

Q: Can I guest host on the show? What do I need to do so?

A: (We will announce when we have open spots) To guest host on the show, write us an email RFIStaff(at)Gmail(dot)Com and tell us you’re interested. We record on Sundays at 3:30 PM CST (Central Standard Time) or CDT (Central Daylight savings Time) depending on the season. You need to have Skype set up on your computer with a USB Headset/Mic Combo with a decent internet connection, No camera needed. What we do not want, are stand alone mics with speakers, webcam mics and external laptop mics, because all these types drown you out and give echo feed back to the show.

Q: I have an OSR product I’d like to you guys to review, will you look at it?

A: Sure, drop us an email and tell us about it and we can work something out.

Q: What happened to Blackstone’s Vault?

A: Blackstone retired and became DM Nick on the show.

Q: What happened to the Thane Scrolls, and will we hear more?

A: Thane was a side production done by DM Jayson and his friend Andrew. The scrolls had been dropped when Andrew did not have time to continue working on the product. There was a community attempt to bring back the scrolls at one point but it fizzled out.

Q: I noticed there is a bunch of special inserts for earlier volumes that appear to be numbered wrong or missing sequences of numbers, what’s up with that?

A: Well.. umm.. we screwed up.

Q: What are these mini issues about?

A: They are short little shows with different voices from the normal show, focusing on one topic.. they can range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.



General Questions

Q: What does OSR Stand for?

A: OSR stands for a few things. It could be Old School Revival, Old School Renaissance or Old School Roleplaying. Generally the term is being used these days as Old School Roleplaying as it covers all games from the past. Originally it was all Dungeons & Dragons games pre-2000 and the “Old School Renaissance” term was used. Currently and I believe going forward the term OSR will stand for Old School Roleplaying and will encompass any roleplaying game prior to the year 2000.

Q: But how can it be fun to play such an old game, when the x’th Edition has so much more you can do?

A: Fun really depends on who you are playing with and how you run the game. Any edition of any game is fun as long as you have the right group of people and that is all you need. Some say that the early editions are “more fun” because of less rules and it allows you to think “outside the box” when running your game.