Volume 1 Issue 26 – Frank Mentzer

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  1. W. Deekin Targo

    FANTASTIC interview guys!! Maybe you can join us at Garycon 3, March 2011, & do some more interviews with the TSR “Old Guard?”

  2. DM Vincent

    Thank you! I know Jayson is going to GaryCon III, so he will grab as much time with people as they will allow him.

  3. Death Metal Nightmare

    sweet interview! always love those issues.

    and who serious didnt vote 10 stars on this stuff? go do your own podcast and organize it, dweeb.

  4. Havard of Blackmoor

    Always interesting to hear Frank talk about the history of D&D and his thoughts on current developments in the industry. As far as I am concerned, BECMI is the ultimate version of D&D. Thanks for making this podcast 🙂


  5. Kevin

    Am just catching up on this episode, great interview with Frank Mentzer, am glad he still looks back as fondly as he does on his time at TSR!

    btw… Fr Dougal in “Father Ted” wasn’t the drinking, swearing one, he was the simpleton!

    Oh, and “Utilikilt” is an odd name for a black skirt for men 😉

  6. Mondbuchstaben

    Great interview.

    But I was a bit surprised about one thing. At around – 29:50 Frank Mentzer says that he doesn’t use a DM screen. And yet, the photo you chose to illustrate this article shows him behind a screen.

  7. DM Jayson

    Haha, great catch.

    We didn’t think to take a good photo of Frank by himself during the interview, so I took that photo from another con. I suspect he was using some kind of prop during a panel discussion, as that is not a DM screen (at least, not unpublished one I’ve ever seen before).

  8. angelicdoctor

    An awesome interview, guys. My fifteen year-old daughter and I enjoyed listening to you speak to and obtain wisdom from this legendary man of the industry. We spent the rest of the evening looking for copies of the BECMI boxed sets!

  9. Ardano Silverbow

    Where did it go? I’m trying to listen to the whole series…and this one is missing. *sniff* What happened?

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