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Home Sweet Home ….. Rules

Hello again dear readers, Every game I have ever played in has used house rules of some kind. Some have had a lot of rules and some not so much but invariably every GM has some tweaks. I know some people dislike the idea of adjusting the written rules, but I personally feel it is

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Dead Man Walking

It has been a long time; in fact I can’t even remember the last time I wrote an article. Recently DM Vince contacted me and asked if I would be interested in starting my column back up. I thought about it a bit and agreed I could do something, perhaps not as frequent as before as real life has kept me busy but at least once or twice a month I will attempt to provide some content.

Death Became Them

Death Became Them Hello Dear Readers, It’s certainly been a while. Of late I have been writing a series of short stories I plan on publishing and that has taken up what little free time I have had during this time of year. For this article I present to you a short little adventure that

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Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone  Hello again dear readers, Recently I was flipping through some of my old 1st edition supplements and came across the Book of Lairs. I used to love these books and often used them as small encounters in between adventures, or sometimes even as random encounters during an adventure. Seeing these again

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Somebody Save Me

Somebody Save Me As you walk down the darkened tunnel your nostrils are assaulted by an inescapable noxious odor that evokes your mind to visions of death and decay.  The incessant droning you heard earlier starts and stops, starts and stops, in a maddeningly unpredictable cycle that causes you to grind your teeth and squint

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I’m Your Zero

I’m Your Zero Recently I have begun a new play by post campaign.  I did thinks differently than I have ever done in a face to face campaign and decided to start all the PC’s as 0 level. I know there are some references for 0 level characters in Greyhawk Adventures, the Treasure Hunt module, and

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More Human than Human

More Human than Human I will be the first to admit I am no fan of demi-humans (except perhaps the much maligned half-orc).  I think it is unfair the bonus abilities demi-humans receive on top of the option to multi-class.  The major restriction placed on demi’s to counter these abilities is level limits. And while

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A Book by its Cover

A Book by its Cover “…finally the doors were thrust open and with a great howl the spectre faded to nothingness.  There, under glass, on a table of marble sat the book.  Our priest Narnock cast a spell and determined the book was not trapped.  Gently Rafain removed the glass lid and, fingers trembling, reached

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Ecology of the Mantari

Ecology of the Mantari  “Are you sure this thing is down here old man.”  Leanore asked as she stepped over the large rock on the tunnel floor. “Yes, Yes, I’m sure.  My student saw it with his own eyes, when it killed his torch bearer.”  Rezamat replied. “Then where is it?  We’ve been in these

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