RFI Podcast – Volume 3 Issue 155 – 5 Years!!!

Sit down and enjoy a blast from the past as RFI celebrates 5 years! For this very show we decided to go old school, and have the podcast go back to its founding days. Vince sits in with former co-host Jayson Elliot!

Listen in as they cover topics talked about back in the day. Listen to bumpers used over the past 5 years as well as new never before heard bumpers!

Divine Advice (renamed Sage Advice) – Letter from Kevin about insanity show.

TableManners – Where to get books from, retro from show #2.

Game Mechanics (DM Rules) – Spell Casting times, retro from show #4

Treasure Chest – Bag of Tricks, retro to show #5, but never was used.

Creature Feature Creeping Pit, retro from show #1
Dragon Magazine #101 p. 42

Hey guys,
I know that it was a long time ago but I was listen to the Insanity rules show, and there was one mental disorder that was about character laugh uncontrolably because of the visions they were having, I can’t remember what it was more importantly I can’t spell so I was wondering if you could help us out.

Kevin L





2 comments on “RFI Podcast – Volume 3 Issue 155 – 5 Years!!!”

  1. Stephen

    Happy 5th anniversary! Great episode. It was so good to hear Jayson on again. I always thought of him as the AD&D scholar of the show.

  2. TC

    With the Creeping Pit, since it’s just a “thing” or an “effect” on the environment, couldn’t you use some kind of telekinesis to control it, or at least the ground around it?

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